Our Story

Meaning ‘to dance’ in Wadawurrung, Ngarrimili was established to nurture and support business and entrepreneurship opportunities amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. We work with businesses, creatives and entrepreneurs through tailored, culturally informed support.

We aim to drive sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander economic success and by doing so, we acknowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People have been successful in economic development and success for over 80,000 years

We offer group workshops and 1:1 culturally informed support for aspiring and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses and creatives across Australia.

We tailor our support to meet the needs of businesses and founders wherever they are in their business journey. We believe founder wellbeing, through a lense of culture and connection, is vital to business success.

Most importantly, you don’t not have to be a ‘member’ or pay any fees to receive our services. Ngarrimili exists to break down the barriers that have been in place for First Nations people across Australia.

The meaning behind our logo:

Our new logo and branding was designed by the amazing Gerard Black. Gerard is a proud Worimi Man. His work reflects his Indigenous background, storytelling and his love of nature and draws on his strong design background from tattooing to produce a unique style of art. The meaning behind the logo:

Guwiyn.gan (Female Spirit) in Worimi language “gathang”, Inspired by the eternity and the strength of First Nations women, I wanted to depict and capture the spirit of resilience which has transcended thousands of years raising and nurturing generation after generation, this is an iconic scene that has been seen for thousands of years, Photographed and painted during early colonisation and depicted in more modern times through the lenses of Trent White, Bobbi Lockyer and Ferne Millen, all these generations have inspired me to do this artwork, I am in awe of the Guwiyn.gan (Female Spirit) of our people and how it has never wavered my artwork is intended to acknowledge all the First Nation’s women past, present and emerging and their Guwiyn.gan within.