Youth Talent Pipeline

Ngarrimili’s Youth Talent Pipeline is a program that aims to support and foster the next generation of First Nations entrepreneurs and industry experts through paid and meaningful development opportunities - challenging the outdated concepts of internships and youth leadership programs.

Participants receive 1:1 tailored support from Ngarrimili advisors and mentors, development opportunities and opportunities to participate in paid employment and/or projects in their chosen areas of focus through our partner organisations.

The program is completely tailored to meet the needs of both the youth participant and the partner organisation.

Some participants may be studying, working in other employment or have already started their own business venture.

Partner organisations may choose to engage participants on time limited projects or ongoing employment opportunities. What is important from Ngarrimili’s perspective is that the opportunities are meaningful (with practical outcomes), paid and culturally safe.

Partner Expectations:

Ngarrimili views this opportunity as having great potential and opportunity for all parties involved- this is not a one way, charity program. This is an opportunity for two way learning and your organisation will benefit as much from this as the participants.

For the partner organisation the program brings the opportunity to work on the internal culture of your organisation and with this potentially open up your work to new audiences and opportunities.

Whilst the program is flexible and tailored to meet everyone’s needs there are several non-negotiables:
  • The partner organisation will work with Ngarrimili to create culturally safe spaces and will participate in at least one workshop with Ngarrimili around this. (A plan will be developed between Ngarrimili and the partner organisation depending on where you are in your journey around this).
  • The partner organisation will also takes steps to ensure safe spaces for women, young people, the LGBTQI+ community and people with disabilities. We may also suggest other accreditation and development opportunities that can support this.
  • The partner will make an ongoing commitment to the development of the participant and the partnership with Ngarrimili. We’re all about sustainable outcomes for individuals and communities.
  • The partner organisation and Ngarrimili will negotiate a minimum time and financial commitment for the program. There may be at times government and other financial support to subsidise the program but it is expected that the partner organisation will contribute financially equivalent to the resource and opportunity they are receiving.

Case Studies


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